Ausbrella – The Movie

Well, not quite a movie, but its a fantastic video that runs for less than two minutes in which time you will learn all about Ausbrellas design and engineering strengths, its wind tunnel tests and, most importantly, the dangers of cheap market umbrellas.

The video is great! I guarantee you’ll watch it more than once. We had a lot of fun making it and Im sure youll enjoy watching it.

Jump straight over to YouTube for the video.


Wow! Busy! Squeeze in an Update

Its that time of year again. The “six months on” period when there’s piles of customer orders to produce. When its this busy there just isn’t any time to keep on top of status updates and such. But I cant go six months without an update. Have to keep you updated on events.

So, to kick things off here are some photos of just a handful market umbrellas for jobs currently in production. Click through to see them. Continue reading Wow! Busy! Squeeze in an Update