Ausbrella Testing

Sending a product out into the market in not as simple as making something and letting it free.  Yes this may be the case sometimes but with products that basically 100% of the world’s population use, we must make sure it’s safe in all ways possible.

So three simple tests:

1. Tug of war
2. Hang test
3. Tie it to a car….. (And drive)

All of these tests were conducted with nothing but safety in mind
(No humans were injured in the testing of products)

  1. Tug of war



Tie a rope to an umbrella which is placed in ground, and pull. Results… well we now can’t complete any other test with these umbrellas. Sigh* The Ausbrella survived though!

  1. Hang test

DSC_0730DSC_0756DSC_0783 Edit

What is this you may ask? Well it’s in the name. Grab an arm of the umbrella and hang (vigorously shake as crazy as you can) in the air. We started with 2 people, grew to 4 people and then 6 people. The results, well nothing really, the umbrella just stood in place, not a crack or break in sight

We were going to hang off the other umbrellas however we never got a chance to after the first test

  1. Tie it to a car….. (And drive)


Yes you read correctly, car, umbrella and rope and you have the final test. Seeing how we didn’t have any other umbrella but the Ausbrella to test it made our life a lot easier. Because we couldn’t break the Ausbrella any other way, why not just tie it to a car? Well the umbrella eventually gave way when the driver of the 210kW car decided to plant his foot and drive. Says a lot about something when it takes a car to take it down!

Conclusion…….Buy an Ausbrella. Be sure to watch the videos posted below!

Hang test

Pull test

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