Weight Bags, In-Ground Sockets, Umbrella Bases & Stands for Outdoor Market Umbrellas


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Awnet Catalogue

Weight Bags

  • Awnet umbrella weight bags are available in two sizes. Unlike most umbrella weight bags which are filled with sand Awnet's weight bags are filled with galvanised steel  punchings so there is no mess from leaking weight bags. Available in 10kg or 15kg sizes.

  • "How many weight bags do I need?"

  • Click the thumbs to watch the Cafe Barrier and Market Umbrella wind tests with Weight Bags
  • Without weight bags: Stainless steel Dynabolts or high tensile bolts should be used to secure the umbrella base when installing an in-ground socket is not an option.

In Ground Sockets

  • Secure your assets! Awnets In Ground Sockets are devices which secure cafe barriers, cafe umbrellas and many other products to the ground.
    No matter how strong or well designed an umbrella is, without being properly secured it is still a safety hazard. Awnet have created a multipurpose range for umbrellas, barriers, drop blinds and more.

  • Evolution of the Awnet Socket

  • Awnet In Ground Socket Cut AwayLike all our other products, the ‘In Ground Socket’ has evolved to better function and suit our streets.
    Mark I. Introduced the full stainless steel body.
    Mark II. The auto shut lid was added which
    prevents the lid staying open and creating a hazard on footpaths when not in use.
    Mark III. “Is genius”. Designed with a removable top section, this allows the socket to be replaced if damaged without having to re-core the ground.

    Awnet In Ground Socket Removable LidIt also allows Councils to replace the socket lid with a cover plate which can have Council emblems etched on when the socket isn’t required to be used.

  • In 2013 there were changes to the 'Slip Resistance Australian Standards' which has encouraged Awnet to implement another safety initiative. A non-slip surface can now be applied to the top plate of the Awnet in-ground socket. The material adhears to the highest standard of slip resistance. Well above the requirements of general footpath surfaces. The material can also be printed with your logo!

Concrete Base

  • Awnets concrete insert base is ideal for when you need maximum stability but dont have the luxury of installing an In Ground Socket. Made from galvanized mild steel, measuring 900mm square and holding four concrete blocks these bases weigh around 80kg.
    A larger version holding eight concrete blocks and weighing around 140kg is also available.
    *note: These are custom made bases, made to order based on customers requirements.