There are a wide variety of market umbrella’s available on the market. This can make choosing the perfect commercial umbrella quite overwhelming. With over 40 years of experience in the industry and as one of the first companies to introduce market umbrellas to Australia, Awnet has all the necessary knowledge to identify what a commercial umbrella requires.

What is a Commercial Umbrella?

A commercial umbrella is a substantially stronger market umbrella used by businesses to provide shade for their customers, create an ambient outdoor space and, as equally important, used as an advertising medium for brands. A commercial umbrella is robust and strong, capable of withstanding many years of tough weather conditions. The minimum standards for these market umbrellas are:

  • Minimum 3 Year Warranty on frame, fabric and colour fading
  • Engineer Certified and Wind Rated for winds over 120km/h
  • City Council Approved
  • Meeting Australian Standards AS1170, 1720, 3600, 4100
  • Aluminium or Stainless Steel Pole and Aluminium Extruded Cogs

Be wary of the umbrellas out there in the market, as not many meet each of these requirements for a safe and durable umbrella. Awnet meets and even exceeds these standards, to ensure each umbrella is suitable for a variety of commercial and domestic purposes.

Commercial red and white Striped Ausbrella Market Umbrella's
Ausbrella : A Premium Commercial Umbrella (Patent No. 2014200765)

Buying Considerations for a Commercial Umbrella

1. Safety Of Umbrella

The first thing to look at before purchasing a commercial umbrella is how safe is it, and is it legal? There have been many incidents involving outdoor umbrellas blowing from their stands and injuring customers. Look for things like wind rating tests, engineer certification and approval from the city council to ensure its safe to use. Awnet has worked with the Melbourne City Council to initiate the safety standards for outdoor dining in early 2008.

Melbourne City Council Specifications:

  • 2.2m Umbrella Height Clearance
  • Secured in Approved ‘In Ground Socket’
  • 1 Piece Stainless Steel Pole
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminium Arms
  • Extruded Aluminium Cogs
  • Compliance Certificate
  • *Wooden Umbrellas are strictly banned

All Awnet umbrella ranges comply with City Council Standards. It’s a businesses duty of care to ensure that its customers and the community are safe, a cheap umbrella is a risky gamble. Umbrella’s manufactured locally with local engineer certification like Awnet are a few indicators of a reliable umbrella.

3 year warranty icon
120+ km/h Wind Rating

Warranty & Durability

Investing in a quality umbrella ensures that the umbrella will last for many years. Look for umbrella’s with a minimum 3 year warranty and wind ratings from 120+ km/h. These features will ensure maximum durability and that your commercial umbrella will endure the test of time and harsh weather. All of Awnet umbrella’s have a 3 year warranty, with 4 and 5 year warranties for our Square pole and Ausbrella range. Our umbrellas have a minimum wind rating of 120km/h, the Ausbrella range exceeds 160+ km/h. These exceptional high wind ratings are unmatched globally and designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Ausbrella Worlds Strongest Umbrella with 5 men hanging off it
Ausbrella Worlds Strongest Umbrella (Patent No. 2014200765)

2. Size

Square Pole Umbrellas square canvas sizes

The next thing to look at is to measure the dimensions of the space you’re looking to place your umbrella. Ask yourself will the umbrella fit, or will it be too small? If you plan to use the umbrella for outdoor dining, measure what size you will require to cover the tables and chairs. Many umbrella suppliers have limited sizes available, so it can be difficult to find a specific size. Unlike other retailers, manufacturers like Awnet are capable of creating a large range of sizes as well as custom sizes to ensure you’ll find the perfect fit.

3. Shapes

Awnet’s Hexagonal and Octagonal shapes (Platinum and Square Pole Umbrella Ranges)

The standard market umbrella shape consists of a 4 sided square canopy. However, if you’re looking for a unique style there are also hexagonal or octagonal shapes available, known as a ’round’ umbrella or a six or eight sided market umbrella. Awnet’s cafe umbrella range offer the square shape meanwhile, our platinum umbrella range features hexagonal and octagonal shapes. There is also a rectangular shape, which is new to the market. Awnet’s new square pole umbrella range provides this rectangle shape option!

Awnet’s Rectangle Shape (Square Pole Umbrella Range)

4. Umbrella Materials

Pole Materials

Awnet Aluminium pole (Left), Stainless Steel Pole (Right)

Most suppliers use aluminium for Standard Market Umbrella poles, but Awnet Umbrella distinguishes itself by crafting poles from robust Aeronautical Grade Aluminium. The aluminium pole has the option to be powder coated in black, white, or a variety of other colors. Awnet also has a stainless steel pole upgrade for extra durability, this is not commonly available with other retailers

Canopy Materials and Printing

Awnet Solo Outdoor Umbrella
Awnet Branded Commercial Umbrella

Umbrella canopies can be made of vinyl or polyester. Depending on the printing style you choose (digital, screen print or heat transfer), the material will vary. Most commercial umbrellas have the businesses logo printed on the four panels canopy, while others go for a classic horizontal striped design. Awnet generally recommends an acrylic canvas canopy with screen printing as it offers the best durability against fading. However, if the design requires specific CMYK colours, you will need to use digital printing on a vinyl or polyester material.

5. Fixing Options

It is important to choose a suitable fixing option to stabilise the umbrella into place. Awnet recommends stainless steel as they are installed in the ground and offer the highest level of security. This is a good option for when you want a semi-permanent solution. The Melbourne City Council mandates the use of these sockets for outdoor umbrellas on their streets. Please check with your local council to determine your specific requirements. Alternatively, you can opt for umbrella bases, which are the standard choice for supporting umbrellas and can be used in various locations. For added stability, weight bags or weight plates can be used in combination with the base

Awnet stainless steel in groundsocket securing systems
Awnet In-Ground Sockets
Market Umbrella base
Umbrella Base
Accessories Weight Bags
Weight Bags

6. Mechanics

Under shot of square pole umbrella with gas struts at The Social Quarter
Awnet Square Pole Umbrella with Gas Struts (Design Registration No. 202213706)

Most traditional market umbrellas utilise a rope and pulley system to open and close the umbrella. The rope and pulley is a simple and affordable method but may require more strength depending on the size of the umbrella. Another option are gas struts. These gas struts ease the opening and closing of large commercial umbrellas. All of Awnet’s Ausbrella range come with gas struts. A bolt on cover is also important as this allows the frame to be reusable with different canvases, perfect for when rebranding or when vandalism occurs.

Where to Purchase Commercial Umbrellas?

There are a number of market umbrella’s available on the market some cheaper but of much lower quality and not suitable for commercial use. Awnet umbrella’s are the most durable and reliable on the market. With safety as our #1 priority, our umbrella’s will ensure your duty of care in protecting your customers is being met.

If you want to learn more about commercial umbrella’s contact the A-Team or call us on 1800 417 888. We will be more than happy to help you out.