Assembling your market umbrella doesn’t need to be difficult. Awnet weight plates are easy to assemble and set up. All you require is an Awnet umbrella base, desired number of weight plates, 4 nuts & bolts and a secure pin & bolt. Follow our weight plate and market umbrella assembly guide below to see how easy it is to assemble your very own market umbrella. Before you assemble your umbrella, make sure to setup near its desired position, therefore you won’t need to reposition the umbrella after its built.

Weight Plates Assembly Guide

Step 1
Position the feet and first weight plate where you would like the umbrella to stand.

Step 2
Align and stack additional weight plates.

Step 3
Align and position the umbrella base.

Step 4
Securely tighten nuts onto the four bolts.

Completed Base

Now that you have completed the base, its time to attach the umbrella pole to the base. You may require another person to assist you with these next few steps.

Market Umbrella Assembly Guide

Step 1
Place umbrella into base.
Depending on the size and style of the umbrella the umbrella may be heavy.
Recommend two people.

Step 2
Align umbrella pole holes.
Insert and secure pin/bolt.

Step 3
Move arms outwards from their locked vertical position.
Use the rope to open the umbrella until fully opened and put the pin through the hole under the cog.


Congratulations, you now know how to assemble your very own market umbrella! Weight plates are perfect for extra stability and holding the umbrella into place. If you need any further assistance… please don’t hesitate to call Awnet.

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