Outdoor umbrellas (also known as market umbrellas) and café barriers create an inviting outdoor dining space that helps to attract customers. For over 40 years Awnet has been Australia’s leading manufacturer of market umbrellas and cafe barriers. Awnet has extensive knowledge and expertise gained over the years, enabling them to manufacture exceptionally strong umbrellas and barriers that are built to last.

Benefits of Outdoor Umbrellas and Barriers:

  1. Protection From Elements
    • Our outdoor umbrella’s provides shade against harsh environmental elements such as rain, wind and sun
  2. Increased Visibility
    • Customise with logos and branding
    • Makes your establishment stand out and attract customers
  3. Enhanced Ambiance
    • Outdoor umbrellas and cafe barriers create a cozy and inviting atmosphere

Outdoor Umbrellas

Awnet umbrellas are designed with durability in mind. They’re constructed from tough materials and engineer certified to withstand high winds (withstanding speeds of over 120kph). Whether it be for any outdoor dining needs such as cafes and restaurants or for outdoor living spaces, Awnet has a range of umbrella types and sizes to suit your needs.

Our outdoor market umbrella ranges include:

Custom Market Umbrella
Thornbury Custom Umbrella – Platinum Umbrella

Awnet is also the designer and manufacturer of AUSBRELLA: The Worlds Strongest Umbrella. The two Ausbrella ranges available are:

Café Barriers

Café barriers are excellent in providing a physical barrier between pedestrians, neighbouring cafes, and your outdoor dining area. Altogether, Awnet has 8 café barrier (also known as wind barriers) designs available to choose from. This large range of designs allow you to select the barrier that best fits your needs. Our variety of styles include round legs, square legs and full height protection. Preview all of our café barrier range here.

Cafe Barrier Style 2
Awnet's Cafe Wind Barrier in Style 3
Awnet's Cafe Wind Barrier in Style 4
Awnet's Cafe Wind Barrier in Style 6
Cafe Barrier Style 8
Style 9 Cafe Barrier

Transform your outdoor space with Awnet’s barriers and umbrellas, expose your brand to hundreds of passers-by’s and create an inviting space that attracts customers to sit and dine at.