Awnet market umbrella’s have three printing methods available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Awnet umbrella canopies are acrylic canvas which is highly resistant to fading, mould and rot. Screen printing inks adheres wonderfully to acrylic canvas for great longevity in the sun. Vinyl umbrella canopies can only be digitally printed. Digital prints have greater options for designs and colours but are more susceptible to fading.

Screen printing

Awnet screen-printing option is by far the most popular of the two printing methods. Awnet use traditional screen printing methods to print your logo and designs onto acrylic canvas to create a long lasting, fade resistant, durable print with a premium look.

Benefits of screen printing:

  • Acrylic canvas fabric is water resistant, rot resistant and fade resistant. The inks are a solid opaque, resulting in vibrant colours that are resistant to fading and lasts for years.
  • Acrylic canvas fabric has a premium look and texture, giving a soft, natural feel.
  • Screen printed acrylic canvas comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • Prints can last for well over a decade.

Awnet favour strength and durability which is why they use acrylic canvas resulting in a product that not only provides a superior look but also a longer life span.

Colgate Awnet cafe umbrella

Digital Printing

UV digital printing uses a grand format digital printer to print your logo and designs onto vinyl. Digital printing gives you the ability to colour match specific colours and create detailed designs.


  • Vinyl digital print designs can be accurately matched to specific PMS or CMYK colours.
  • Digital prints allow for highly detailed images, but is greatly susceptible to fading.
  • Digital prints come with a 1-year warranty against fading.
Vittoria We Are Handsome Promotional Umbrella

Heat Transfer Printing

Awnet’s third printing option is heat transfer. Awnet print logos and designs onto a transfer material and then heat press the material onto acrylic canvas.


  • Complicated designs with a variety of colours can be applied to acrylic canvas fabric


We are in house from concept to customer. With a graphic & industrial design team, textiles department, metal workshop, art department and logistics team under one roof, we are capable of designing and delivering an umbrella that best suits your brand.

From logos to custom designs, Awnet’s graphic design team is there to help bring your branding designs to life!

Contact Awnet to find out the best printing option for your needs