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Wide Range of Cafe Barrier Styles

Style 2 Cafe Barrier Thumb

Australian Design and Reg No.149 777

Awnet’s first in a range of classic designs, using our exclusive proprietary curve sail-track method top and bottom.

The side wind pockets are designed to help stabilise the market barrier.

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Style 3 Cafe Barrier Thumb

Australian Design and Reg No.149 776

The third style of Awnet’s classic barrier series features vinyl or canvas panels that are fully secured on all 4 sides, resulting in a drum tight effect.

This Cafe Barrier is one of the most popular café barriers with our customers.

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Style 4&5 Cafe Barrier Thumb

Australian Design and Reg No.325 866

Constructed using Awnets fully framed, custom aluminium extrusion allowing the panelto be securely fixed on all four sides, allowing for a taught and wrinkle free finish.

Style 4: 45mm round legs | Style 5: 50mm square legs

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Style 6&7 Cafe Barrier Thumb

Australian Design and Reg No.325 866

Designed to be strong and light weight, for easy handling. The all-aluminium frame results in a weight reduction of 25%. The top and bottom bar is made using our own custom ‘Coffex Extrusion’ process

Style 6: 45mm round legs | Style 7: 50mm square legs

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Style 8&9 Cafe Barrier Thumb

Australian Design and Reg No.325 866

Fully framed aluminium Cafe Barrier keeps customers comfortable all year round, no matter the weather conditions. Style 8 and Style 9 Cafe Barriers provide excellent full height protection from wind and rain.

Style 8: 45mm Round legs | Style 9: 50mm Square legs

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Stainless Steel Cafe Barriers Thumb

Australian Design and Reg No.325 866

The Stainless steel cafe barrier provides extra durability, corrosion resistance and a premium finish.


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Cafe barriers, also known as wind barriers are an important element to the overall the design of any cafe. Wind barriers provide a physical barrier between pedestrians and the cafe dining area, helping to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Barriers help to define an outdoor dining space and create a visual separation between neighbouring cafes.

Awnet manufactures all our barriers in-house at our warehouse in Melbourne, Australia. We offer the largest variety of styles on the market, with either round or square leg options. As we have a larger range, it is important to choose the right one which suit your cafe’s individual needs. For example, if you want to create a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere, then opting for softer, fabric-based barriers might be the best option. If you need to define the space more clearly or create a more formal environment, then harder, more solid barriers might be a better choice.

Whichever type of cafe barrier you choose, it is important to make sure that it is the right size and height for your cafe. Too tall and it will block out natural light and make the space feel enclosed; too short and it will be ineffective at creating any kind of physical or visual separation. When placed correctly, cafe barriers can be a great way to improve the overall look and feel of your cafe. They will help create a more inviting and comfortable space for your customers.

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Barriers FAQ

What are Awnet's Cafe/Wind Barrier warranty terms?

Awnet barriers have a minimum 3- year warranty for the frame and canvas. The warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.

What Materials are the barriers made from?

The panels are made of either vinyl or canvas. The material of the frame depends on which style you choose. Style 2 and 3 is made of steel, style 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are made of a lighter aluminium and there is also a stainless steel option.

Are your Barrier's Australian Made?

Yes, Awnet is Australian Made and Australian Owned. 

Awnet has a Fully Integrated System (from concept to completion) located at our Factory in Melbourne, Australia. Our Market umbrella’s are sent directly from our manufacturing warehouse straight to the customer. Awnet also has imported products available, made to Awnet engineered specifications.


What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity. We can manage both larger order quantities and one off customer orders as we manufacture in-house.

Can I Print a Custom Logo or Design onto the barrier?

Yes, Awnet offers branding and custom design printing.

The Awnet team consists of a graphic design, screenprinting and digital printing department. We have access to a variety of printing techniques such as  Screen printing, Grand format digital printing and Heat Transfer printing.

Contact the A-Team to learn more information.

Barrier Accessories

Awnet also source and supply a range of  Accessories to stabilise and secure your barriers into place.

In-Ground Socket

Accessories - In-Ground Socket

Weight Bags

Accessories Weight Bags

10kg or 15kg weight bags available
Unfilled bags also available

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