Superior Shade, Unmatched Branding: Discover Awnet’s Premium Branded Market Umbrellas

In Australia’s searing summer, a shaded haven is not just a comfort—it’s a necessity. Awnet leads the market with premium branded umbrellas that offer more than just respite from the sun; they provide an unparalleled opportunity to amplify brand visibility.

Awnet’s Branded Umbrellas: The Ultimate Blend of Function and Fashion

Little Creatures Valance Awnet Screen Print

Little Creatures Valance Awnet Screen Print

Awnet’s range of market umbrellas is at the forefront of combining superior quality with stylish, eye-catching design. Each umbrella is not merely a shade provider but a potent marketing tool, enabling businesses to elevate their visibility in the bustling Australian outdoor scene.

The Awnet Difference: Durability Meets Design

Forget the traditional, frail café umbrellas. Awnet’s branded market umbrellas are engineered for endurance. With state-of-the-art, powder-coated aluminium frames, these umbrellas stand as vigilant guardians against the harsh Australian climate. They are the epitome of a savvy investment, ensuring your business remains highlighted under the sun for years to come.

The Colour that Doesn’t Quit: Fade-Resistant Canopies

Hunt and Brew Screen printing canvas

Awnet takes pride in its fade-resistant canopies, crafted to endure the relentless sun without losing their vibrant appeal. Your logo will retain its crisp, clear impact season after season, thanks to the industry-leading materials that guard against the bleaching effects of the sun.

Mobility and Maintenance: Awnet’s User-Friendly Design

Ease of movement and maintenance are key elements of Awnet’s umbrellas. The lightweight yet sturdy construction allows for effortless relocation, making it perfect for dynamic commercial spaces. And if a part ever wears down, replacements are readily available, ensuring your branded umbrella continues to serve as a robust marketing beacon.

Unwavering Under the Sun: The UPF50+ Promise

Awnet umbrellas do more than just shade; they provide a sanctuary with the highest UPF50+ rating, ensuring your customers’ skin is protected from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s a thoughtful gesture that won’t go unnoticed and associates your brand with care and quality.

Brand Visibility Like Never Before

Coopers branded Round Octagonal Canvas

In a world where brand differentiation is key to success, Awnet’s branded market umbrellas offer a smart, sophisticated way to claim your space in the market. Whether it’s café sidewalks, outdoor events, or courtyard bistros, an Awnet umbrella means your brand stands tall, noticeable, and memorable.

The Smart Choice for Businesses

For discerning businesses that value longevity, design, and brand impact, Awnet is not just the best choice—it’s the only choice. By choosing Awnet, you choose a legacy of quality, innovation, and unrivalled brand exposure.

Embrace Awnet’s excellence, and let your brand soar above the rest, shaded in sophistication and basking in brand pride.