Enhancing Commercial Pools with Premium Shade Umbrellas

In the quest for the perfect umbrellas for swimming pools, Awnet’s range of premium shade umbrellas emerges as a stellar choice. These umbrellas not only offer vital protection from the sun’s rays for guests and patrons but also add a touch of elegance and versatility to the poolside ambiance. Unlike standard market umbrellas, Awnet’s commercial-grade offerings are crafted with robust materials. Designed for enduring performance they are equipped with marine-grade components to extend their lifespan—a crucial consideration for businesses in need of reliable umbrellas for swimming pools.

One notable aspect of Awnet’s umbrellas for swimming pools is the convenience of maintenance. All models feature ‘modular’ parts. This allows for easy replacement of individual components—like an arm—without the need for sending the entire umbrella back for repairs. This feature is especially valuable during peak season, ensuring continuous protection against sun exposure for guests.

Awnet’s Flagship Models for an Unmatched Poolside Experience

Stone & Wood Cafe Umbrellas with Stainless Steel Poles

Stone & Wood Cafe Umbrellas with Stainless Steel Poles

The Awnet Cafe Umbrella: This model sets the baseline standard for durability and style in commercial settings. Crafted in Australia, the Cafe Umbrella boasts wind-resistant qualities and is available in a wide array of colours and customisations. Its marine-grade stainless steel fittings and reinforced arms ensure stability and longevity. The option for logo customisation on the canopy allows businesses to enhance brand visibility. The Cafe Umbrellas advanced engineering, including a superior structural aluminium mast that resists corrosion, makes it an ideal choice for any commercial pool area. It promises high wind resistance and broad international appeal.

Corona Alfresco Market Umbrellas

The Awnet Alfresco Umbrella: Engineered in Australia, the Luxury Alfresco Umbrella represents the pinnacle of minimalist elegance. Its frame is constructed for maximum durability without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Featuring UV-stabilised acrylic canvas with a UPF50+ rating for superior sun protection. The combination aluminium frame with stainless steel fittings ensures a rust-free experience. The innovative opening mechanism simplifies set-up. The canopy and valances are fully customisable and can be branded with anything you like. This umbrella is perfect for spaces requiring versatile base options. It offers easy adaptability without compromising on luxury.

The Awnet Platinum Umbrella: Offering an unbeatable blend of affordability and quality, the Platinum Umbrella series stands out as a practical choice for daily use. Its aluminium powder-coated frame and stainless steel components are built to withstand corrosion, making it an excellent poolside companion. The addition of a stainless steel pole provides even greater strength and style. Available in various sizes and shapes, these umbrellas can be customised with logos or images. Features acrylic canvas canopies that resist water, fading and rot. Their design emphasises strength and easy maintenance, with a selection of base options to fit any requirement.

Square pole umbrella

The Awnet Square Pole Umbrella: A perfect fusion of cost-efficiency and superior quality, the Square Pole Umbrella series shines as an ideal option for everyday deployment. This model is distinguished by its robust, square aluminium pole. Coated in a durable powder coat finish that guarantees resistance against corrosion. Ideal for any poolside setting. The use of stainless steel for the components further enhances its durability, ensuring the umbrella stands up to the elements with elegance and resilience. Tailored to meet diverse needs, this umbrella is available in an array of sizes and configurations. It allows for customisation with logos or imagery. Boasting acrylic canvas canopies that are designed to repel water, prevent fading, and resist rot. The Square Pole’s design is focused on delivering durability and straightforward upkeep, complemented by a variety of base options to accommodate different installation needs.

Ausbrella Hurricane 160+ Sunrise

The Ausbrella: Ideal for flexible shading, the Ausbrella umbrella is a marvel of design, allowing for expansive coverage without obstructing poolside areas. Constructed with marine-grade materials for water resistance and featuring an acrylic canvas canopy for optimal UV protection, the Ausbrella is wind rated to winds of 161+kph. Its robust design is recommended for even the most harsh conditions but provides an excellent level of strength and coverage, making it a top choice for those seeking superior options.

In summary, Awnet’s diverse selection of commercial pool umbrellas caters to a variety of needs and preferences, blending strength, durability, style, and functionality. Awnet provides superior solutions to enhance any commercial poolside area.