In the past, Awnet has experimented and tested wooden pole umbrellas. However, we were never satisfied with the safety (or lack thereof) of timber and bamboo umbrellas. Awnet therefore decided against manufacturing or selling wooden umbrellas. Striving to create the safest and most durable umbrella, Awnet’s focus is to improve all aspects of our market umbrellas. By utilising the highest quality materials alongside an engineer certified structure Awnet has produced the strongest market umbrellas in the world, some of which can withstand winds over 160km/h! All of Awnet’s market umbrellas are:

  • Fully Australian Engineer Certified
  • Wind Tunnel tested to winds over 120km/h
  • Melbourne City Council Street Compliant
  • 3 Year Minimum Guarantee on frame, fabric and fading
  • Exceeds Australian Standards AS1170, 1720, 3600, 4100
  • Made in Australia

If your market umbrella doesn’t have these listed features, its not reliable and its not safe. Read further for Awnets top picks for the strongest market umbrellas in Australia.

Ausbrella: The Strongest Market Umbrella In Australia

The Ausbrella Hurricane has a wind resistance of over 160km/h (Patent No.2014200765)

Bendigo Health Ausbrella Umbrella
Strongest Market Umbrella In Australia: Ausbrella

Ausbrella isn’t just the strongest umbrella in Australia, but the strongest in the world. Like most of Awnet’s Umbrellas, the Ausbrella has been wind tunnel tested by the Monash University and Aerospace Wind Tunnel Facility to prove its 160+ km/h wind resistance, a resistance found nowhere else in the world. Additionally, the Ausbrella is fully Australian Engineer Certified by Don Moore & Associates. The umbrellas durability lies in its unique ‘twin-skin pole’, providing superior strength (Patent No.2014200765). The pole is reinforced with this extra inside lining providing ultimate strength against winds. The Ausbrella Hurricane series uses an additional outer pole which makes it even stronger than the Ausbrella Storm.

Ausbrella Market umbrella pole size 1
Ausbrella Twin Skin Pole
Ausbrella Market umbrella pole size 2
Ausbrella Hurricane Twin Skin Pole

The Ausbrella also utilises stainless steel in-ground sockets, which securely stabilises the umbrella into the ground. Ausbrella is a premium market umbrella range capable of withstanding a range of terrains and wind regions such as open terrain ocean fronts. Check our guide to identify which Ausbrella is most suitable for you region, or contact Awnet if you require assistance. As the strongest market umbrella in the world, the Ausbrella is an umbrella you can rely on.

Square Pole Umbrella

The Social Quarter Square Pole Umbrellas
The Social Quarter Square Pole Umbrellas

Differing from the standard round umbrella poles, the square umbrella pole is just that, a squared pole. The first ever of its kind, the square pole umbrella has a unique pole shape which is 2x stronger than a round pole due to its anti-twisting properties. Lighter and thinner than the Ausbrella, the square pole is the perfect choice for individuals looking for a smaller alternative to the Ausbrella, without compromising on strength. The pole is made of an aeronautical grade aluminium and available with in-ground sockets or umbrella bases. The square pole umbrella has a wind resistance of 130+ km/h, a level up to Awnets Cafe and Platinum umbrella ranges.

Cafe or Platinum Umbrella

Cafe umbrella with custom printed branding and upgraded with a stainless steel pole. Making the worlds strongest umbrellas
Stone Wood Cafe umbrella with stainless steel pole

The cafe and platinum umbrellas may be Awnet’s ‘standard’ market umbrellas, but they are still some of the strongest market umbrellas in Australia with a wind resistance of 120+ km/h. The umbrella frame features interlocking arms, stainless steel fixtures and a bolt on cover. These umbrellas can also be upgraded with a stainless steel pole for extra durability and corrosion resistance. In-ground sockets are available for both the cafe and platinum umbrella, however umbrellas bases and weight plates may be a more suitable option depending on budget and ground type.

Umbrella Fixing Options

Not only is it important to have a durable umbrella, the umbrella also needs to be secured properly otherwise it can become an extremely dangerous projectile. The overall safest option is Awnet’s stainless steel in-ground sockets. These sockets are installed into the ground, which the umbrella is then inserted into. However, these sockets require certain ground conditions. The second best fixing options is an umbrella base with weight plates. The base holds up the umbrella and the weight plates act to weigh down the umbrella.

Stainless Steel In Ground Socket Securing Systems
Weight Plates for Umbrella Base

If you’re looking for the strongest market umbrellas in Australia, there is no doubt that Awnet will have you covered. Have any questions regarding out market umbrellas? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.