Top Outdoor Umbrellas for 2024

Enjoying outdoor spaces becomes especially appealing with the arrival of sunny days. However, the intense sun can sometimes hinder outdoor activities. The solution? Investing in a high-quality, top outdoor umbrella allows you to relish your time in gardens, by the pool, or in any outdoor setting. Here’s a compilation of the top outdoor umbrellas for the warm seasons, notable for their durability, exceptional quality, and contemporary aesthetics.

Cafe Umbrella

Market Umbrella, Cafe Umbrella Series. Commercial umbrella with printed logo

The Cafe Umbrella, crafted from top-grade acrylic canvas, offers longevity and features an aluminium structure for ease of movement and flexibility. The base line for market umbrella strength and safety in Australia and the world. Available in various sizes, shapes, and colours, it allows customisation to your preferences and needs.

Alfresco Umbrella

Awnet's outdoor 'Alfresco umbrella' product image

Ideal for cafes, restaurants, or personal use, the Alfresco Umbrella balances size and weight perfectly to offer shade while being easy to handle. Acrylic canvas ensures the colours remain vibrant even after extended outdoor use. The added valances (hanging side panels) give a stylish look to the standard market umbrella.

Platinum Umbrella

Awnet Grilld Platinum Umbrellas 01

Awnet Grilld Platinum Umbrellas 01

The Platinum Umbrella takes the standard Cafe and Alfresco umbrellas, adds some extra sides and a stainless steel pole. Available in square, hexagonal, octagonal or rectangular, the Platinum Umbrella is perfect for any outdoor setting, including patios, pool decks, and gardens, offering an excellent price-quality ratio with additional strength.

Square Pole Umbrella

The Social Quarter Square Pole Umbrellas

The Social Quarter Square Pole Umbrellas

The Square Pole Umbrella replaces the round pole with a square pole. Crazy, right? We thought hat too. But the end result is not only more stylish and attractive, the square pole is ‘at least’ twice as strong as a standard round pole of the same thickness. However, the square pole is also available in thicker profiles making it even stronger! Perfect for public or commercial environments.


Ausbrella: The Worlds Strongest Umbrella.

Ausbrella Hurricane 160+ Sunrise

Wind tunnel tested at the ‘Monash University Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Laboratories’ to winds speeds of 161kph! The maximum speed the wind tunnel could produce and greater than any other umbrella has reached. But as you can see in this video the Ausbrella could still handle much more. The Ausbrellas strength is unmeasurable.

Branded Umbrellas

Corona commercial Branded Alfresco Umbrellas

Corona commercial Branded Alfresco Umbrellas

Every Awnet umbrella can be fully customised with your own unique fabric colours, frame colours and your own personal branding. Whether you want one umbrella for your back yard or 100 umbrellas for a large promotional event, Awnet has you covered.

Every Awnet product stands out for its quality, design, and functionality, making any of them a worthy addition to your outdoor space.