The Ausbrella: Hurricane umbrella, offered by Awnet, is heralded as the pinnacle of resort umbrellas globally. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia to surpass the highest standards, this exceptional umbrella range is poised to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers under the most demanding conditions.

Ausbrella Hurricane Umbrellas

Heineken branded market umbrella Ausbrella

Tailored for commercial usage by resorts, restaurants, and hotels, the Ausbrella: Hurricane also appeals to private individuals desiring a sophisticated and high-quality umbrella for personal use.

A distinctive Registered Design on its interlocking profile system ranks these umbrellas among the most durable on the market. Constructed with an aluminium frame and stainless steel fittings, its unique features enhance visual appeal and reinforce frame strength. This reinforcement is crucial, given that the umbrella has undergone wind tunnel testing to endure winds over 161km/h. The central pole’s octagonal design also features a twin skin which not only improves the aesthetic but significantly boosts structural integrity. Additional strength is provided by strategically placed gas-struts to make the opening of the Ausbrella a breeze.

Resort Umbrellas

Ausbrella Hurricane 160+ Sunset

The canopy fabric of the Ausbrella: Hurricane is equally superior. It comes with a fade-resistant Acrylic canvas, which is solution-dyed, water-resistant, rot resistant and offers a UPF of 50+. A huge range of material colours are available from Australia’s top suppliers. Acrylic canvas is able to be screen printing, offering versatility for customisation.

Available in a range of standard square and octagonal sizes, the Ausbrella: Hurricane is also available in custom sizes. The Ausbrella: Hurricane demands a robust base system to match its size and strength. The Ausbrella in-ground socket is the most secure method. A bolt down, full stainless steel base is also available when an in-ground socket is not practicable. A large concrete base is also available for when the Ausbrella needs to be set up on a temporary basis.

Ausbrella Worlds Strongest Umbrella with 5 men hanging off it
Ausbrella Worlds Strongest Umbrella with 5 men hanging off it

As one of the most elegantly engineered and meticulously designed umbrellas available worldwide, the Ausbrella: Hurricane by Awnet stands out. Awnet offers an extensive selection of sizes, colours, and installation alternatives, alongside comprehensive technical support for specifiers, architects, and end-users.