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Established in 1980, Awnet is a proudly Australian Made and Family Owned Company. Now, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, Awnet is the leading Market Umbrella Manufacturer in Australia.

Awnet was established in 1980, supplying shop-front presentations for major Australian corporations. Awnet pioneered the world’s first fibreglass awning. Awnet has continued to supply signage and shelter related products to Australia’s leading companies, such as Coca Cola, McDonalds & Lion.

With the creation of Street Cafe Barriers Awnet introduced ‘alfresco dining’ to the City of Melbourne which then spread throughout Australia. Many other countries are experiencing the benefits from our approach to Market Umbrella and Cafe Barrier designs.

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Australian Manufacture
Over 40 Years of Experience

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The World’s Strongest Market Umbrellas

120+ km/h Wind Rating

Engineer Certified
Exceeds Australian Standards

120+ km/h Wind Rating

Monash University
Wind Tunnel Facility

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Leading Market Umbrella Manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia

When it comes to engineering and construction, cheaper is not always better. In fact, cheaper often means lower quality and less safety. That‘s why it‘s important to choose products that are engineered and built to a standard, not copied to a price.

Products that are engineered and built to a standard puts quality and safety first. The manufacturers use the best materials and the latest technologies to make sure their products are up to par. They also have strict quality control measures in place to make sure that every product meets their high standards.

On the other hand, a company that copies to a price is more likely to cut corners. They use lower quality materials or outdated technologies in order to keep their costs down. And they probably don’t have the same rigorous quality control measures in place, which means that their products might not meet your expectations.
You want a company whos products are engineered and built to a standard, not copied to a price. Quality and safety should always be your top priority.


In-house from concept to customer, with a graphic and industrial Design team, textiles department, metal workshop, screen printing & digital art department and logistics under the one roof. Complete quality control over products and service, maintaining world standards.

Awnet is the leading Market Umbrella company in Australia.


  • Digital proofing
  • Local Council Compliance & Documentation
  • Australia wide price


  • Australian made
  • Patented & Engineer Certified designs
  • Minimum 3 year frame warranty
  • Product designed for ease of onsite replacement parts
  • Local Government Compliant


  • Product & Graphic Design
  • Grand format digital printing
  • Screen printing & Heat fusion
  • Full Fabrication and Custom Design
  • Warehousing and distribution


  • Repair & Refurbishment
  • In-house Art & Design
  • True Guarantees
  • After sales services


  • On-line enquiry form
  • See our great work on INSTAGRAM


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Graphics & Printing

Awnet use a wide range of technologies to brand our client’s logos and graphics onto durable outdoor substrates.

Currently using a Grand Format UV digital printer which can print up to 3m wide.

Screen printers make Awnet the only company able to print ‘five colour process’ onto acrylic canvas umbrellas.

Thermal welding machines allow Awnet to weld barriers instead of sewing, which massively increases the strength of the finished product.


Awnets ‘Textile Team’ is comprised of skilled sewers who are trained to handle heavy GSM fabrics. Such fabrics are used so the finished product is not only better looking, but also has a longer life span.

Awnet has pattern makers tailoring covers to suit all shapes and sizes, making sure the barriers and umbrellas are drum tight.

Awnet also has a massive, 11m long x 3.2m wide, fully automatic cutter, allowing them to accurately cut all the umbrella and barrier patterns at an incredible speed.


Commercial Quality


3+ Year Guarantee


Fully Recyclable Aluminium Frame


High Quality Acrylic Canvas Canopy


Double Pulley System


Engineered and Wind Rated to Australian Standards

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