After investing an extensive number of resources to connect and communicate to your target market, its important that these efforts don’t go to waste as a customer dines at a premise. Utilising Point of Purchase marketing ensures your brand is the first thing on their minds before making a purchase. Awnet Market Umbrellas and Cafe Barriers are an exceptional means of outdoor advertising, branding and promotion, visible at the point of purchase.

POP advertising targets consumers at the crucial moment, right before they make a buying decision. It triggers brand awareness and generates curiosity to consider the brand and essentially influence the purchase decision. What better method is there to promote your brand and influence customers at the last metre before purchase?

The most effective way to influence customer’s purchasing decisions is at the point of purchase

Corona Portsea Pub Outdoor Shade Alfresco Umbrellas

Cost Effective Outdoor branding and promotion Strategy

Traditional advertising techniques such as digital billboards allow your brand to be seen by thousands of Australians each day, however they are expensive and temporary. On the other hand, Awnet umbrella’s are a long-term and affordable advertising solution. Not only do they provide comfort to your customers but they also acts as an advertising medium at the point of purchase. Compared to other marketing alternatives, branded umbrellas and barriers offer maximum exposure over a prolonged time frame at a very minimal comparative investment as shown below.

Digital Billboard Priced vs Awnet Cafe Umbrella Costs
*Billboard prices based on data retrieved from ($1.59+ avg cost per play) as of January 2023.

Is your advertising strategy this cost effective? These market umbrellas located right next to a prominent located billboard have the same exposure, at a fraction of the cost.

piazza doro branded promotional market umbrella
7 Eleven Cafe Umbrellas

There are very few advertising strategies that allow your brand to be present in the final moments before purchase, especially outdoors. Awnet umbrellas and barriers are a perfect solution to this problem.Transform your outdoor space with branded barriers and umbrellas, expose your brand to hundreds of passers-by’s and create an inviting space that attracts customers to sit and dine at.

Awnet umbrellas and barriers don’t just act as an advertising medium. They also create a more engaging and memorable experience for customers. Protecting customers from the wind and sun, providing them with greater comfort, resulting in them staying longer.